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High Performance  Manufacturing

 Milling Capabilities

Minimum tolerancing:  .0001

Maximum Part Size: 118" x 74" x 42" 


  • Samsung MVC5200L            

  • Okuma MCV-A 60HP                   

  • Mazak AJV 35/60

  • Mazak VQC 20/40                  

  • Mill Power 2.5 axis mill 

  • Prototrak Trak VMC7Si                   

  • Trak K3 SMX VMC

  • Lagun Republic

  • Ingersol Planer Mill

  • Lucas Horizontal

  • Cincinnati Horizontal 

  • Cincinnati Vertical 

30HP Table Capacity  

60HP Table Capacity  

45HP Table Capacity 

30HP Table Capacity 

5HP   Table  Capacity  

30HP Table Capacity

5HP   Table Capacity

8HP   Table Capacity

60HP Table Capacity

15HP  Table Capacity 

15HP  Table Capacity 

15HP  Table Capacity

62" x 28" x 26" 

118" x 74" x 42"

60" x 35" x 25"

20" x 40" x 18"

28" x 14" x 10"

31" x 16" x 18"

10" x 50" x 18"

11" x 49" x 20"

48" x 192" x 48"

36" x 48" x 26"

24" x 96" x 18"

24" x 60" x 21"


 Turning Capabilities

Minimum tolerancing:  .0001

Maximum Part length: 185

Maximum Part Diameter: 35" 


  • Samsung SL25BSY     

  • Mazak STN-550M        

  • Mori Seiki SL-15              

  • Mori Seiki SL-15M     

  • Mazak ST-50             


 6 Axis with live tooling, Sub Spindle, 3.25" Bore

 2 Axis with live tooling, 12.5" Bore

 2 Axis with 5,000RPM Spindle

 2 Axis with 5,000RPM Spindle and live tooling 

 2 Axis With 6.50" Bore

24" x 19"

35" x 80"

8" x 20"

8" x 20"

30" x 72"

Accuracy  of  Motion  |  3rd  |  4th  |  5th  |

With manufacturing perfection in mind we choose the most optimal equipment to get the job done. 

Our machines are equipped with thermal compensation technology to ensure consistent parts over the course of their warming and cooling cycles, we understand the dynamic of thermal expansion and contraction along with its effects on tolerances.

Machine positional accuracy was the key factor in in our purchasing decisions, all of our high end equipment has the ability to repeat positionally to .000045, with a considerable amount of control in the parts dimensional tolerances, Down to .0001 in the environment before grinding.


Multitask Machining Capabilities


For parts that have features requiring multiple strategies, we trust our equipment with multitasking capabilities. With our machinery, featuring twin spindle, multi axis, raw material in finished component out minimal operator contact we can ensure perfect controlled quality over hundreds of thousands of components. 

Our machine shop maintains vertical Mills and Multitask lathes with 4-axis CNC capabilities, including the following models:

  • Samsung MVC5200L

  • Samsung SL25BSY

  • Mori Seiki SL-15 S

  • Mori Seiki SL-15 SB

Taper sizes and dimensions vary by model, with a max taper of 40. 

Dimensional reports and quality 

Routine dimensional inspection processes and documentation available upon request. 

Following AQL Sampling plans to ensure product quality over a set quantity. 

All Dimensions to the .000X decimal place are inspected 100% Regardless or sample size


Keyence XM CMM 

The Keyence XM series CMM is what we utilize to ensure quality of your components in unison with traditional measurement methods.

Keyence XM Capabilities 

  • .0001 Probe positional accuracies

  • Renishaw equipped 

  • Modular Fixturing 

  • Light senor technology

  • Solid Model to part scanning 

  • CPK Reports 

  • Detailed Image reporting

  • Operator error detection 

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